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This job board for students and alumni is provided by the College of Public Health Alumni Society and College of Public Health Office of Academic Programs and Student Services. It is updated periodically and as opportunities are received by our offices, however we strongly encourage anyone to post public health and health care-related jobs at any time.

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Public Health Nurse Supervisor

Franklin County Public Health

Location: Columbus, OH

Job Type: Full-time job

Project Director

Discern Health Discern Health is a rapidly growing Baltimore-based consulting firm providing strategic direction and solutions to government and nonprofit agencies, health insurers, and life science companies. We focus on quality strategies, performance measurement, and value-based care. Our projects will challenge you intellectually and professionally, provide invaluable client exposure and provide the opportunity to work closely with our team in a highly collaborative environment.

Location: Baltimore, MD

Job Type: Full-time job

Tenure-Track Associate/Full Professor MPH Program Coordinator/Health Science Position # F0036P

Health Science Program Department of Kinesiology and Health Science California State University, Sacramento

Location: Sacramento, CA

Job Type: Full-time job